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You can run your jewelry business with ease! We have a tested and proven system that will enable you to run your business in the most efficient and profitable way. Once you try the GRC SoftGem Jewelry Business Management System, you will see that it is easy to use, yet powerful and effective. From creating stunningly high quality photos of your pieces, to maintaining an accurate customer data base, you'll find yourself doing a whole lot more rejoicing with this new system.

Company Information

With the advent of personal computers, the business world has changed dramatically. Today, investment in information technology at all levels is increasing at explosive rates. As a result, productivity in the workplace has taken quantum leaps forward; record keeping is much more efficient and accurate; and the overall pace of business is faster. From keeping accurate accounting records to sophisticated marketing efforts that attract new customers, computers are making every type of business more productive, more profitable and, most importantly, more competitive. The simple fact that you are reading this on the Internet is a testament to your belief of the sweeping changes that are taking place in the world. Due to fierce competition within the computer hardware industry and advances in information technology, computer hardware pricing has declined substantially, while performance has dramatically increased. As a direct result, computers have become more and more prevalent in every type of workplace. Therefore, no longer will it be possible to survive, much less succeed, by doing things the "old fashion way." Those who choose to ignore technological progress will almost certainly become a victim of it. In this sense, the jewelry business is no different from any other business. The right jewelry business management system - one that automatically tracks inventory and customer activities, prints everything from accounting statements and sales reports to jewelry tags, correlates accounts receivable and payable, creates picture-quality color images of your jewelry, tracks repairs, quickly generates appraisals, provides powerful sales promotion and advertising tools, and much, much more - will help a jeweler increase productivity, efficiency and profits. But what company offers such a system? The result of a jeweler’s vision of the future, Gemological Research Corporation (GRC) was founded in 1982 to adapt computer technology to the unique needs of jewelers. Since then the gemologists, computer experts, business consultants and both retail and manufacturing jewelers who make up GRC have continued their quest to design the ultimate business management system for the jewelry industry. Since 1982, GRC has spent over 34 years, and well in excess of $25 million, developing, testing and perfecting computerized business tools for the jewelry industry. GRC offers sophisticated jewelry software packages simply unavailable anywhere else, as well as knowledgeable, experienced people who know as much about the jewelry business as they do about computers. With GRC, you're assured of getting the top-notch support, service and advice you need to get the most from your computer system and, more importantly, your business. But that's not all: at GRC, we're constantly creating and implementing new enhancements for the SoftGem Business Management System, as well developing new procedures that will help make your business as profitable and efficient as it can be. At GRC, we're strong believers in the increased productivity and efficiency that computerization can bring to the jewelry workplace. Toward that end we developed SoftGem. SoftGem can help you manage your business with everything from inventory management and control to sales promotion and advertising. We'll tailor your system to fit your current needs; Then, since SoftGem is expandable, you can add more features as your business continues to grow. We take great pride in the fact that hundreds and hundreds of jewelers around the world have relied on GRC, and our SoftGem Jewelry Business Management System, to help their businesses grow and become efficient and profitable. Our SoftGem system, the most complete business management system ever designed for jewelers, gives you the answers you're looking for and the edge you need to stay one step ahead of your competition.